the Arch of Titus near the Roman forum

The Art of Randy Hlubik

When I left home, I had this web site in mind, and therefore my focus in photography was to document the trip. I took a few photos for purely artistic reasons, but only very few.
It appears that Randy had higher purposes in mind. While some of the photos he took are almost indistinguishable from mine, he seems to have taken many of his photos for purely aesthetic reasons.
I present some of them here. When you click on the small picture, a new window will open with a larger version of that photo.


St. Peters Basilica Sign in Rome St. Pauls Outside the Walls Anacapri - Villa San Michelle Isola Bella greenhouse Sign in Rome Rome Lugano Sorrento - La Sorgente Assisi Assisi Verona Villa dEste Verona, Next to Romeos House Rome, Capitaline Hill Arch of Titus Street Street in Assisi Street in Sorrento Venice Colosseum Ravena Ravena Furlo St. Pauls Piazza gate gate gate Capri Isola Bella flowers flowers flowers St. Peters Villa dEste lamp lamp lamp Piazzale Michangelo, Florence lamp Venice Isola Bella

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