Firenze, Italy

Saturday Evening in Malpensa

There is more than one airport near Milan. The one we had to go to was Malpensa Airport, which is located about an hour west of Milan. At first I had set up a hotel in Milan for us to stay at on Saturday night. But when I found out where the airport was located, I changed it to a hotel nearer to the airport.

Driving to Malpensa

Here are some views on the road to Malpensa.

Malpensa Barilla factory

Malpensa Smartcars



This is the Malpensa Inn where we stayed on Saturday night. It is a relatively modern motel located not too far from the airport — about 6 km, or about 7 minutes. The office is directly ahead in this photo.


Here is another view of the front of the hotel. We drove down this way and around to the back of the hotel, to an entrance closer to our room.

Malpensa When we turned on the TV, this was on the screen

After getting settled in our room, we set about to find a place to have dinner.

Karen wanted to have the experience of driving in Italy, so she drove our little Fiat Panda on our trip to discover a place to eat.

There was a restaurant down the road that was reference by brochures at the hotel and we stopped there first, but it didn't look very interesting. So we drove around a little and finally found a place that looked very interesting.

It was in some older looking building like an estate or villa. I was happy to see that they had risotto on the menu — strawberry risotto! I tried it and I was very happy that I did. It had some cheese in it along with the strawberries and tasted very good. It was strange at first to eat hot strawberries, but they were very good!

Then on Sunday morning we had to go to the airport for our flight home.

Malpensa A view outside the entrance we used to get to our room. Behind those windows is the breakfast area.

Malpensa A view of the back of the hotel

Malpensa The driveway in the back of the hotel. We found it also very interesting.

Malpensa All packed and ready to go.

We flew back to Philadelphia, and then drove back home to Connecticut.

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