Las Vegas, October, 2008

These photos are from a business trip to Las Vegas in October, 2008

The Venetian

So now we come to the most impressive casino on the strip, the Venetian.

As you walk south, first you come to the latest addition to the Venetian, the Palazzo.

venetian The Palazzo

One of the shops in the lower level of the Palazzo is this Lamborghini Las Vegas. I also got a photo of one of the cars in the window.

venetian Lamborghini Las Vegas

A lot of research went into the building of the Venetian. Thousands of photos were taken in Venice and historians from Venice were consulted.

Here is a representation of the Rialto Bridge:

venetian Rialto Bridge

Of course, it wouldn't be a complete representation of Venice without gondolas. The people who built these copies went to a workshop in Venice where they are built. They are about 2/3 scale and built by hand in the same manner as the ones in Venice.

venetian Gondolas

Here is the Doge's Palace:

venetian Doge's Palace

The next two photos show copies of some of the palaces along the Grand Canal.

venetian The Venetian

venetian The Venetian

Here are the columns that stand by the Piazzale San Marco next to the Grand Canal. (The Piazzale San Marco is the small square that leads to the Piazza San Marco, and goes along in front of the Doge's Palace.)

venetian The Venetian

This is the Bridge of Sighs, which is the route used by prisoners to go from the Doge's Palace to the prison which stands right behind it.

venetian Bridge of Sighs

Here is the campanille (bell tower) of the Basilica of Saint Mark (Basilica di San Marco.)

venetian Campanille

I went inside, went up to the second floor and took this photo of the "Rialto Bridge" from the balcony of the Doge's Palace.

venetian Rialto Bridge

Then I took this photo of the "Doge's Palace" from the Rialto Bridge.

venetian Doge's Palace

Here is another view of the gondolas from the Rialto Bridge.

venetian Gondolas

We saw curved escalators in a previous post. On the bridge (and in some other places) they had "escalators" with no steps:

venetian Escalators

And just south of the Venetian is the building that houses Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum.

venetian Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum

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