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Some helpful information about Rome gathered from various sources

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These recommendations are from third parties. I do not have any personal information about these places. Take the recommendations but make allowance for the fact that tastes vary and you may find a different experience than what you read here.

This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.

Using Your Cell Phone

Check out this information from Walks of Italy about using your cell phone while you are in Italy: How to Use Your Cell Phone in Italy (Yes, You Can!)

The main thing is, if you are using your American cell phone in Italy, there are two things to remember:

  1. Call your provider and add on the option for International calling. It is usually inexpensive and you can cancel it as soon as you come home. (Probably have to pay for at least one month.) But it should allow you to make calls cheaper.
  2. To call an Italian number from your US phone, just dial +39 (while you are in Italy or while in the US) in front of the number. 39 is the country code for Italy, and I have added it on all of the phone numbers on this page as a reminder.

But Walks of Italy has some other options you can check out.

Arrival in Rome

Arriving by Air

These recommendations are from third parties. I do not have any firsthand information about these places. Take the recommendations but make allowance for the fact that tastes vary and you may find a different experience than what you read here.

Check out this information from Walks of Italy about flying to Italy: How to Save on Flights to Italy

You will probably be arriving at the Fiumicino International Airport which serves most airlines that fly to Rome. (Fiumicino is also known as the Leonardo DiVinci Airport). The airport is about 30 miles or so east of Rome.

If you are flying on Ryan Air you will probably arrive at Ciampino Airport which is about 15 miles south of Rome.

Getting into Rome from Fiumicino International Airport

The train you would want is the Leonardo Express to Stazione Centrale Roma Termini (Central Rome train station, called Termini for short). This is the fastest way from Fiumicino to Rome. Be sure not to get on one of the non-express trains that stop at other places. The express takes about 30 minutes to fet to Termini and is probably the least expensive option..
Once at Termini, you may need a taxi depending on where your hotel is. (There are always plenty of taxis there.) There would be a surcharge for luggage. When you take a taxi, make sure it is one of the official white or yellow taxi's with the "Taxi" sign on top, otherwise you are in for a major rip-off.

Airport Shuttle Bus
Terravision Bus from Fiumicino International Airport to Rome Termini Station.
AirportShuttle Low cost door-to-door service from either airport to Rome hotels or private residences.

If there are three or more of you and you can split the cost, you might be better off arranging for a limo to take you from the airport to the hotel. Here is one that is reported to be very good and very reliable:

This will probably be your most expensive optin, with the cost being dependent on luggage surcharges, time of day, traffic, hotel location, etc. Do not take any taxi that is not official.

Hotel Shuttle
You can also check to see if your hotel has a shuttle to/from the airport.

Auto Rental
You will find most major auto rental companies at the airport. If you are spending your entire holiday in Rome, you really do not need a rental car. If you are going to do one or two day trips from Rome, it might be better to rent a car for that time from an auto rental company in the city.

Getting ito Rome from Ciampino Airport

Check out the Revealed Rome website for information about How to Get from Ciampino Airport to Rome.

There is no direct train service from Ciampino Airport to Termini. You have to take a bus to the train station and then get the train. Refer to the information from Revealed Rome above.

Airport Shuttle Bus
Terravision Bus from Ciampino Airport to Rome Termini Station. The bus stop and the ticket vending machine are located in the international departure area.
AirportShuttle Low cost door-to-door service from either airport to Rome hotels or private residences.

If there are three or more of you and you can split the cost, you might be better off arranging for a limo to take you from the airport to the hotel. Here is one that is reported to be very good and very reliable:

This will probably be your most expensive optin, with the cost being dependent on luggage surcharges, time of day, traffic, hotel location, etc. Again, do not take any taxi that is not official.

Hotel Shuttle
You can also check to see if your hotel has a shuttle to/from the airport.

Auto Rental
You will find most major auto rental companies at the airport. If you are spending your entire holiday in Rome, you really do not need a rental car. If you are going to do one or two day trips from Rome, it might be better to rent a car for that time from an auto rental company in the city.

Arriving by Train

If you are arriving by Trenitalia you will arrive at Termini Station.
If you are using Italio there are two options: Ostiense and Tiburtina. Both are accessible by the Metro.

Arriving by Coach (Bus)

If you are arriving by Eurolines you will probably arrive at Autostazione Tiburtina, a little to the east of Termini. This bus station is well served by the Metro system.
Autostazione Tiburtina:
Largo Guido Mazzoni, 00162 - Roma (RM) Italia
Telephone: +39 (06) 4542.7851

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These recommendations are from third parties. I do not have any firsthand information about these places. Take the recommendations but make allowance for the fact that tastes vary and you may find a different experience than what you read here.

  • Oh-Rome: Rome Apartments — Holiday Apartments in the Eternal City. Each property personally vetted by Oh-Rome to make sure it is of the standard you expect.
  • The Beverly Hills hotel is a very nice hotel. It is about 1 1/2 miles East of Via Veneto, a very nice street where the US Embassy is, and perhaps about two miles from the Spanish Steps.
  • Albergo del Senato: a luxury 3 star hotel located in the heart of the ancient city of Rome. This charming hotel in Rome's center is situated in Piazza della Rotonda, an excellent location directly in front of the Pantheon, Rome's most renowned ancient temple, originally built in dedication to the Roman Gods in 27 BC and later rebuilt during the reign of the famous Emperor Hadrian.
  • Hotel Romae a light-filled hotel located four blocks from the train station.
    via Palestro, 49, Rome, ItalyTelephone: +39.06.4463554
    Hotel Romae has a fresh and creative look in a majestic Roman palazzo.
  • TIP: Trastevere is definitely a good place to rent an apartment, but it's not necessarily quieter than just across the river. Trastevere is saturated with restaurants, pizzerias, bars, pubs and Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere, the main square, is very busy.
  • TIP: If you want to stay in a quiet area then check out Monti, just east of Piazza Venezia and going towards Termini. Monti is one of Rome's oldest quarters and in many ways similar to Trastevere minus the millions of places to eat and drink. Apartment prices are a little cheaper there than in Trastevere. If you're looking for an apartment look for the Via Baccina, Via del Boschetto and Via Panisperna streets that are closer to the Fori Imperiali and the city centre.
  • TIP: Also check out the Prati district, near the Vatican and really in the center of Rome. The Prati district is also great for shopping.
  • TIP: from Andy: We have just returned from Rome having stayed at the Hotel Pisana Palace. This is a four star with an excellent breakfast and superb restaurant. It is a 15 minute bus ride from the City Centre but at about 50 euros per room per night is excellent value for money. The bus stops right outside the hotel and is very frequent in both directions. Book it through
  • Hotel de Russie: a luxury 5 star hotel located near the Piazza del Popolo and a short walk from the Spanish Steps. (Expensive)

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Things to do

These recommendations are from third parties. I do not have any firsthand information about these places. Take the recommendations but make allowance for the fact that tastes vary and you may find a different experience than what you read here.

Some tips:

  • Most churches are quite dark when you enter them. Some of the churches have coin-operated lights that you can turn on.
  • Cyber Cafes in Italy: Here's a list of Cyber Cafes in the larger cities of Italy where you can pay to surf, even for just an hour.
  • Internet Points in Rome

Some things to do:

  • Climbing St. Peter's Basilica's Dome in Rome - Walks Traveler video on YouTube
  • The Best Beaches Near Rome information from
  • Eating Italy, Rome Food Tours
    Discover the best foods in Rome at restaurants and specialty food shops that locals cherish, but few tourists know about. This guided walking tour takes you way off the beaten path and into one of Rome's most historic and non-touristy neighborhoods to indulge in fabulous food, encounter the people behind the city's oldest culinary traditions, and uncover hidden cultural landmarks.
  • When in Rome Tours
    They offer a wide selection of Rome tours, Vatican tours, and excursions elsewhere in Italy for everyone. Their Vatican City and Rome sightseeing tours run every day so you won't miss anything in the company of their expert, licensed guides. When in Rome, do as the Romans do!
    Telephone: +39 06 839 04705
  • Chanti Corsi Enoteca (wine bar — open for lunch)
    Via del Gesù, 87/88, 00186 Rome, Italy (near the Pantheon)
    Telephone: +39 066 790821
  • Free in Rome from the ItalyTravelista blog
  • Presto Tours US-based company that arranges small group & private tours in Rome and Italy with their talented and passionate team of guides.
    From the seb site: Presto Tours specializes in small group walking tours in Italy for travelers with curious minds. With a maximum tour group size of 15, we ensure that your learning adventure in Italy remains an intimate, memorable experience.
  • Downloadable guides from Schmap
  • Rick Steves Podcasts for iTunes
  • Rome Walking Tour: The Heart of Rome from National Geographic
  • Real Rome Tours English-speaking walking and driving tours of Rome
  • The Colosseum (Colosseo) can be visited on your own, with or without an audioguide, or through a guided tour. If you wish to go to the Colosseo on your own bring patience. Lines may take a while, so check opening hours and plan accordingly. The Colosseo only accepts cash as payment. No credit cards.
  • P.M. VIP Access - Colosseum Underground, Arena & Top Tier. Tour of the Colosseum from Walks of Italy who offer tours of no more than 12 people at a time of Rome, Vatican City, Florence, Pisa, Venice, Pompeii, Amalfi and more.
  • Porta Maggiore
    This was built in 52 AD by the Emperor Claudius, formed by arches through which the Aqua Claudia and Anio Novus aqueducts passed. In 271 AD, it was made a gate in the Aurelian Wall by the Emperor Aurelian.
    Located at the Piazza di Porta Maggiore, 00185 Rome, Italia near the Termini train station and southeast of the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore.
  • Enoteca al Parlamento
    via dei Prefetti 15, Roma
    Telephone: +39 06 6873446
    From the website:
    Historical stock of vintage wines... assortment of Bubbling and Champagne... distilled spirits... whisky... Cognac and Armagnac
  • Volpetti, the Oasi della Birra and the Peroni cantina via Marmorata, 47
    Arguably the best cheese shop in Rome and the Oasi della Birra are 50 yards apart in a part of Rome called Testaccio. Take the underground line B to 'Piramide' and head for the pyramid. Volpetti, the cheese shop, is on via Marmorata just past the pyramid, and the Oasi (Piazza Testaccio, 38/41, Rome IT, 00153) is just round the corner.
    There are no working breweries in Rome as far as we know but the old 'Peroni' beer factory is still at Porta Pia and part of a huge complex which is now a mix or shops, offices, markets etc. Do head to the Peroni cantina near the Savoy cinema (via Bergamo, 17, Rome IT, 00198) where you can sample the Riserve beer and eat sausage and mash in a 1920's atmosphere.
  • Basilica San Clemente
    via Labicana, 95, Roma.
    Telephone: +39 06 7740021
    From the website:
    Whether on pilgrimage to Rome or just seeing the sights, you will find that the Basilica of San Clemente is not just another church in Rome, it is unique! Its magnificent frescoes and its twelfth-century mosaic of the Cross as the Tree of Life will engage your mind and heart. You can travel back in time and visit a fourth-century basilica before exploring what was once a pagan temple! Centuries of Christian faith, art and history wait to be discovered!
    An 18th century facade; 900 year old mosaics; a door in the back gives access to a 4th century Christian church which was pillaged by Normans; then down to a 2nd century Mythrian temple which leads to an older labyrinth of Roman streets and buildings.
  • Take a bus to the Vatican. You can buy bus tickets at Tabacchii (tobacco shops) then head for the fermata (bus stop.) The sign at the fermata should help you get where you are going.
  • Then send your post cards from the Vatican post office (poste Vaticane) which is more reliable than the mail system in Rome. Tip: Send yourself a post card or letter from the Vatican, with a Vatican stamp on it, for a nice souvenir postmarked from the Vatican.
  • A suggestion for a walking tour: Start at the Piazza Rotunda where the Pantheon is located and after checking it out walk to the Piazza Navona. Once you have investigated the Piazza Navona, its fountains, churches, etc., walk to Campo dei Fiori. (Another option would be to go to the Campo dei Fiori first thing in the morning to check out the fruit and vegetable market.) Then it's on to Largo Argentina with its 5th century temples, and finally on to Teatro di Marcello
  • Here is a List of Pubs and Night Clubs in Rome
  • TIP: Those craving a pint (and internet) in Rome should try Abbey Theatre
    Via Governo Vecchio 51-53 (just off Piazza Navona)
  • TIP: from Didsbury: The Piazza Navona has three great fountains the equal of the Trevi and there are many local artists selling their own works at reasonable prices. A great place to eat outdoors in the many restaurants.
  • TIP: Why not visit the Etruscan National Museum of Villa Giulia? After all, the Etruscans were there before the Romans.
  • TIP: from peggyo: The best thing I ever came upon in my travels was a combination Internet cafe/laundromat in Rome. It was called "SplashNet"!
    Via Varese 33 (3 blocks north of Termini)
    Telephone: +39 06.4938.0450
    We could keep in touch with the folks at home while our whites were getting white again! I don't know if there are more out there, but it was a definite efficient use of time. A laundromat/Internet point with international TV channels. Offers a drop off/pick up laundry service as well as information on hotels and hostels, and bike and scooter rental. Because of its close proximity to Termini, Splashnet also offers a baggage check service. 15 minutes of free Internet access while you wash your clothes. Additional time is reasonably priced.
  • TIP: A nice way to spend a Sunday a bit out of town. Visit one of the catacombs south of Rome and then take a walk on the ancient Appian way, which is closed to traffic on Sundays. The road is lined with various Roman tombs and other monuments, and you will be walking on the actual ancient Roman paving blocks.
  • Chiesa di Santo Stefano Rotondo
    Via di Santo Stefano Rotondo, 7 (Via della Navicella) 00184, Rome, Lazio, Italy
    Telephone: +39 06-42119130
    Usually you will find few other visitors at this round church with its tranquil grounds and gruesome frescoes inside. It is also known as St. Stephen in the Round on the Celian Hill.
  • Monastero dei Santi Quattro Coronati
    Via Santi Quattro Coronati 20, Rome 00184
    Another less-frequented attraction in Rome, the name 'Santi Quattro Coronati' means Four Crowned Saints. The highlight is the stunning Chapel of St. Sylvester with frescoes depicting his life.


Trastevere is the southwestern portion of Rome, on the other side of the river.

  • Polvere di tempo (Powder of Time) — a shop selling "hourglasses, sundials and curious objects."
    via del Moro 59, Trastevere, RomaTelephone: +39 06 5880704
    • This quaint and unconventional shop, with an interior that suggests the cabin of an old sailing ship, specializes in time-keeping devices — but not clocks or watches — and in all manner of scientific instruments, ancient measuring devices, and old fashioned curiosities. There are hour glasses, globes, candles that reckon time, thermometers, compasses, sundials and leather-bound travel diaries. Everything is handmade or hand embellished by the owner, Adrian Rodriguez
  • The church of Santa Maria in Trastevere — 12th-century mosaics inside and on the facade make it well worth a visit. The church was built over a 4th century basilica.
    • The octagonal fountain in the piazza is an ancient Roman original that was restored and embellished in the 17th century by Carlo Fontana. In the evenings, the fountain is a popular gathering place for locals. Off the north side of the piazza, a little street is named Via delle Fonte dell'Olio in honor of the oil miracle.
    • The facade was restored by Carlo Fontana in the 17th century, but its faded mosaics date from the 12th or 13th centuries. The portico is a 19th-century addition; displayed inside are fragments from the earlier churches, dating from the 4th to 9th centuries. They were found during excavations beneath the 12th-century floor of the church.
    • Inside the church are 22 granite columns taken from the ruins of ancient Roman buildings. A Cosmati column to the right of the altar with the inscription FONS OLEI marks the spot of the miraculous flow of oil.
    • The restored mosaics on the apse vault and triumphal arch date from around 1140. The triumphal arch depicts the Four Evangelists, the prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah, caged birds representing sin, seven candlesticks, and a Christogram (chi-rho). The apse vault shows the Coronation of the Virgin with saints and Pope Innocent II holding a model of the church.
    • The six mosaic panels lower on the apse (between the windows) were made by Pietro Cavallini on the subject of the Life of the Virgin in 1291. In the Nativity scene, note the little building just under the figure of Mary with a stream of oil flowing from it.
    • Left of the altar is the Altemps Chapel (1588) with Baroque decoration. One of the frescoes depicts the Council of Nicea. Another notable artwork is a fresco by Domenichino of the Assumption of the Virgin.
    • The church keeps a relic of Saint Apollonia (her head) and a portion of the Holy Sponge. Among the burials in the church are Pope Callixtus I and Lorenzo Cardinal Campeggio.

Day Trips from Rome

  • TIP: Orvieto; beautiful medieval Umbrian town, with a fine Gothic cathedral.
  • TIP: Take the train to Orvieto. From there take a pleasant bus ride to Bagnoregio and walk across the footbridge to the tiny hilltop town of Civita. A really delightful way to spend the day...
  • TIP: Information from Michelle — Nearby Cities:
    I live just down from the road from Grottaferrata, nice little town but a bit of a dormitory for people working in Rome. By the way I can see Ryanair landing at Ciampino, but can't hear any noise.
    • Il Castagneto is OK but to tell you the truth it's more of a restaurant where people go for wedding receptions etc.
    • Frascati is the nicest of the hill towns although very bustling in the Evening, it's cooler (just a few degrees) than Rome, so everyone comes up for the 'cool' and the ice cream, restaurants etc. Lovely open air concerts in the Villas in the Summer.
    • You'll probably appreciate Pagnanelli a bit more or Villa Florio or anywhere around Castelgandolfo. Pagnanelli has a view of the Lake and is renowned for it's food (still holds receptions but smaller).
    Hope I've been helpful, oh and try looking up Bed & Breakfasts as some of the ones in Country houses can be far more better that the Hotels (the STAR system here never lives up to expectation, believe me, I used to work in a 4 star hotel in Rome, absolutely awful!)
  • TIP: Assisi; famous for St. Francis, with some of the most beautiful art anywhere, but also a lovely Umbrian hill town.
  • TIP: Tivoli (reachable by bus) you can visit the Villa d'Este, with its spectacular water garden. You can also visit the Villa Adriana, the summer residence of the Roman emperor Hadrian. If you want to visit both, you have to plan your itinerary carefully as the Villa Adriana is a bit out of town on a different bus line. However, both can be seen in a day.
  • TIP: Ostia Antica, the ancient Roman seaport, with very well preserved Roman houses, apartment buildings, theatres, shops, bars and even an ancient Roman public toilet with intact seats. This is very close to Rome, and can be reached by a short commuter train ride.
  • The Best Day Trips from Rome—by Train
    Looking for a great day trip from Rome? You have lots of options… including places that you can get to easily by train, no renting a car necessary!
    • Day trip to Tivoli
      It takes just one hour and costs 3 euros to take the train from Rome to Tivoli, a small town in Lazio with a lot to offer!
    • Day trip to Naples
      No matter what you've heard about Naples, make no mistake: This is one of the most fascinating, and definitely the liveliest, cities in Italy.
    • Day trip to Pompeii or Herculaneum
      Yes, you can do Pompeii in a day from Rome. It's a long day, but a rewarding one!
    • Day trip to Orvieto
      Umbria, a region with a lot in common with Tuscany, is an easy day trip from Rome… and Orvieto is one of our favorite towns there!
    • Day trip to Ostia Antica
      For the price of a metro ticket, and in just a half an hour, be transported into another world from Rome!
    For more information be sure to read more at the Walks of Italy blog.
  • Check out this information from Revealed Rome about day trips to local lakes: The Best Lakes Near Rome

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These recommendations are from third parties. I do not have any firsthand information about these places. Take the recommendations but make allowance for the fact that tastes vary and you may find a different experience than what you read here.

The Best Gelato in Rome

The Best Gelato in Rome: 6 Top Stops as recommended by the Revealed Rome blog
Revealed Rome recommends the top 6 gelaterias in Rome, and gives some tips on recogizing a good (or bad) gelateria when you see one.

Gelateria dei Gracchi

Gelateria dei Gracchi website
In the Prati district of Rome.
Address: Via dei Gracchi, 272, 00192 Rome, Italy
Telephone: +39 06 321-6668

Gelateria Della Palma

A block or so north of the Pantheon. Big brash place with over 100 flavors of ice cream. Fabulous!
Address: via della Maddalena, 20


Tearoom and gelateria. Has 70 wonderful flavors of gelato.
Address: via Uffici del Vicario, 40

Gelateria Cremeria Monteforte

Address: via della Rotonda, 22
Telephone: +39 06 6867720

Il Gelato di San Crispino

Address: via della Panetteria, 42
Telephone: +39 06 6793924

La Gelateria Frigidarium

La Gelateria Frigidarium website
Address: Via del Governo Vecchio, 112 00186 Roma
Telephone: +39 338 180 0220

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Coffee the Italian way: Calling the shots
Italy was the first European country to enjoy coffee in the early 17th century. Even today, with its vibrant cafes and top-quality espresso machines, Italian coffee culture still leads the way.


Where To Get Great Cornetti in Rome
Have breakfast like a true Roman, with a capuccino and a cornetto (an Italian version of a croissant.) But don't settle for microwaved frozen pastries dusted with powdered sugar to make them look homemade. Head for a bakery or cafe that makes their pastries fresh every morning.

I Dolci di Nonna Vincenza

I Dolci di Nonna Vincenza website
A Catania-based bakery with two locations in Rome, producing extra large cornetti — try the cornetto con marmellata (cornetto with jam.)
Piazza Montecitorio, 116, 00186 Rome, Italy
Telephone: +39 06 69 94 21 85
Arco del Monte
Via Arco del Monte ,98a/98b, 00186 Rome, Italy
Telephone: +39 06 92 59 43 22

Antico Forno Roscioli

Antico Forno Roscioli website
This bakery has everything from pizza to pastries. The exquisite cornetti are traditionally Roman.
Via dei Giubbonari, 21, 00186 Roma, Italia
Telephone: +39 06 6864045

Cafe Barberini

An old-school cafe, located in the heart of working-class neighborhood Testaccio that has the best and most authentic cornetti in Rome
Via Marmorata, 41/43, 00153 Roma, Italia

Antico Forno ai Serpenti

Close to the forum in the Monti neighborhood, you can find some of Rome's best pastries here, including the cornetti.
Via dei Serpenti, 122/123, 00184 Roma, Italia

Cristalli di Zucchero

Cristalli di Zucchero website
The cornetti at this bakery, located near the Circus Maximus, are more like croissants and are available filled with fresh berries.
Via di San Teodoro, 88, 00186 Roma, Italia
Telephone: +39 06 58 23 03 23

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These recommendations are from third parties. I do not have any firsthand information about these places. Take the recommendations but make allowance for the fact that tastes vary and you may find a different experience than what you read here.

Some tips:

Pizza in Rome

Pizza in many parts of Italy, is available in two different styles:

  1. Take-away shops sell pizza rustica or pizza al taglio, cooked in rectangular baking pans and relatively thick, usually cooked in an electric oven. It is usually cut with scissors or a knife and sold by weight. This is OK for lunch or for an afternoon snack.
  2. In pizza restaurants (pizzerias), pizza is served in a dish in its traditional round shape. It has a thin, crisp base quite different from the thicker and softer Neapolitan style base. It is usually cooked in a wood-fired oven, giving the pizza its unique flavor and texture. The law in Rome says they cannot start the wood ovens before 7:00pm, so if you want a good wood-fired pizza, wait until then.

In Rome, a pizza napoletana is topped with tomato, mozzarella, anchovies and oil (thus, what in Naples is called pizza romana, in Rome is called pizza napoletana).

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Eat Like a Local in Rome

From the pages of Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel Magazine and Conde Nast Traveler.

Armando al Pantheon

Address: Salita dei Crescenzi 31
Telephone: +39 06-6880-3034

Trattoria Armando al Pantheon
Romantic yet classic atmosphere, with mood lighting and ironed tablecloths, make for a special place for dinner. The tagliolini al tartufo, pasta with truffles and olive oil, is not to be missed. (Closed Saturday nights and Sundays)

Capo Boi

Address: via Arno 80, 00198 Roma
Telephone: +39

Capo Boi Ristorante
This is a first class fish-centric, Sardinian-kitchen restaurant in the Coppide neighborhood, between Parioli and Trieste.

Da Enzo

Address: via dei Vascellari 29, Roma - Trastevere
Telephone: +39

Da Enzo al 29
Roman cooking is a simple, healthy, nourishing and tasty cooking […]. Simple and genuine things. Everything that is international and complicated is inexorably banished.
This is a place that is loved by the locals, and all of their produce is local and organic.

Da Lucia

Address: Vicolo del Mattonato 2B (Trastevere)
Telephone: +39 06-580-3601

Trattoria da Lucia
Da Lucia is in the guidebooks, but still has great food. Starters like the pecorino e miele (cheese and honey) or alici al limone (anchovies with lemon juice) along with a bottle of vino rosso della casa (house wine) will prepare you for the Spaghetti alla gricia, with panchetta and pecorino cheese. Be sure to have cash with you. (Closed Mondays)

Da Tonino

Address: Via del Governo Vecchio 18-19 (Piazza Navona)
Telephone: +39 333-587-0779

da Tonino
This restaurant has several names, including Da Tonino and Trattoria di Antonio Bassetti, and is very small, so be prepared to wait. Be sure to have the Rigatoni all'Amatriciana, al dente rigatoni with panchetta and a mildly spicy tomato sauce. You'll need cash. (Closed Sundays)

Dar Poeta

Address: Vicolo del bologna 45 - P.I. 01642890568 - 00153 Roma
Telephone: +39

Dar Poeta, Pizzeria, Forno a Legna
From the pages of Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel magazine:
Romans drive across town for great pizza from this neighborhood institution on a small street in Trastevere.


Address: Via degli Aurunci, 6/8
Telephone: +39 06.445.1162

This is a husband and wife run pizza house — the wife cooks and the husband serves; both were trained at the National School of Pizza. There are five strict selections of Roman-style pizza per night, with no substitutions, no exceptions, with beer and wine.

La Carbonara

Address: via Panisperna, 214, 00184 ROMA
Telephone: +39 064825176

la Carbonara, osteria con cucina dal 1906
Run by the owner, chef Donna Teresa and her son who is the manager. Dine on generous portions of traditional homemade pastas and you will find that the food is consistently magnifico.

Osteria Bonelli

Address: Viale dell'Acquedotto Alessandrino, 172
Telephone: +39 329.863.3077

Osteria Bonelli
No menus, superb food on cheap paper tablecloths, waitresses in thick black eyeliner, wonderful house red wine. What more could you ask for?

Osteria Qui Se Magna

Address: Via del Pigneto 307A
Telephone: +39 06-274-803

Osteria Qui Se Magna
Osteria Qui Se Magna translates as "Here you eat well" in Roman dialect, and if you get the Pasta alla mafiosa (rigatoni corti tossed with tomato sauce, eggplant, and ricotta) you will eat well. (Closed Sundays)

Taverna Romana

Address: Via della Madonna dei Monti 79
Telephone: +39 06-474-5325

Taverna Romana
A small but inviting space, once you get past Lucia and Tonino, you can take your time with your meal without being concerned with the amount of time you spend here. Have the Rigatoni cacio e pepe, the best dish in the house, but be sure to have cash with you. (Closed Sundays)

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Some other places to eat:

  • Canova Piazza del Popolo
    Piazza del Popolo 16, 17 Roma
    Telephone: +39 06 3612231 — +39 06 3612227
    From the website:
    Here every occasion for refreshment during the day is a unique occasion, because you are surrounded by some of the most impressive works of art in Rome, and because you are immersed in a truly magical atmosphere. Coming to Canova means experiencing the 'piazza' as if it belonged to you.

  • Salumeria Roscioli Restaurant and Bakery
    Via dei Giubbonari, 21, 00186 Roma
    Telephone: +39 06 6875287
    From the website:
    The Salumeria Roscioli is a vision that Alessandro and Pierluigi Roscioli had in 2002, when they transformed their deli into a multiconcept restaurant-deli-wine bar.

  • Antica Pesa
    Via Garibaldi, 18 - Roma
    Telephone: +39 06 5809236
    From the website:
    The restaurant's structure, with acceptance in the drawing-room and the dining room with frescos on the walls of most famous artists, with air-conditioning, is particularly suitable for romantic dinners, events and for business dinners. In the summer time, instead, will be accommodated in the magnificent inside garden, an elegant frame in the heart of Trastevere.

  • 3 Great Budget Restaurants in Rome as recommended by the Venere Travel Blog
    Here are some suggestions for upscale but honest, well-priced and truly enjoyable eats and drinks in Rome...
    • Tuttifrutti Sas Di De Meo Michele E C Via Luca Della Robbia, 5, 00153 Roma, Italy Telephone: +39 06 575 7902
      The food is 100% seasonal and fresh—and delicious.
    • Ristorante Vecchia Locanda Vicolo Sinibaldi, 2(Traversa Via di Torre Argentina) Telephone: +39 06.688.028.31
      Tucked away in a little alley behind Largo Argentina, this restaurant serves quality food full of ambiance.
    • La Cantina Tirolese Via G. Vitelleschi, 23, Roma (RM) Telephone: +39 0668135297
      A corner of Austria in the heart of Rome.
      If you're in the mood for a slightly different culinary experience from traditional Italian fare head to La Cantina Tirolese, a restaurant behind Castel Sant'Angelo and St. Peter's Cathedral specialized in Tyrolean cuisine.

  • Da Fortunato Al Pantheon
    Excellent. Try the pasta with shrimp or linguine al pescatore. Moderate.
    via del Pantheon, 55
    Telephone: +39 06 6792788
    From the web site (which is mostly in Italian): In the beautiful heart of Rome, near The Pantheon, Da Fortunato restaurant assures a taste of the best italian traditional food, with the elegance and comfort of its wonderful location. Traditional italian food, the best choice of fish, meat and the most delicious pasta dishes you'll ever have. Home made pastry, wonderful wine cellar.

  • Ristorante al Pompiere 38, v. S. M. Calderari, ROMA (RM) Telephone: +39 06.6868377
    Good restaurant in the Jewish Quarter of Rome.

  • Ristorante Spirito DiVino via dei Genovesi 31 A/B, Vicolo dell'Atleta, 13/15 00153 Roma, Trastevere Ripa Telephone: +39 06.5896689
    Good restaurant in Trastevere in a building older than the Coloseum.

  • Trattoria Al Simeto via Simeto. 34
    Some of the best pasta in ALL of Italy is at a little place called Trattoria Al Simeto, located at Via Simeto 34. It is likely that you will be the only tourists in the place. You can't get in until about 7:00 PM at the earliest. (Italians each much later than Americans do, usually). The house wine is cheap and exellent, so drink all you can with dinner. Great service, and friendly, and almost no English is spoken, but you will still do very well!
    If you ask your hotel for a restaurant recommendation, they will probably send you to a place that is for tourists. Food is okay, but very touristy. Try the Al Simeto instead.

  • L'Orso 80 Via dell'Orso 33Telephone: +39 06.6864904
    Near the Pantheon. ...Our Experience To Your Service
    • I have seen several good reviews of this restaurant from several sources:
      • We had an unbelievable and very reasonably priced dinner at ORSO 80. The restaurant is very close to Piazza Navona. ORSO 80 is a real mom and pop place — I think all the waiters etc are one large family! We had a wonderful time there, and really thought the food was sensational — especially the antipasta dishes which were out of this world.
      • Another vote for L'Orso 80, the antipasto is a must — enough to feed a small army.
      • That was my favorite place to eat in Rome.
      • The narrow, quiet Via dell'Orso is just a stone's throw from the bustling crowds of Piazza Navona and contains one of Rome's most famous restaurants, L'Orso '80. It looks nothing much from the outside — a tiny entrance to what looks like a tiny room, with no menu on display. It doesn't need one. Those who know it also know that whatever they choose will not only be delicious, but the sort of good food you can eat in seemingly huge quantities without needing a winch to get you out of your chair.

  • Filetti di Baccala Largo dei Librari Near the Campo de Fiori. Wonderful and cheap. Lots of locals.
    • Fodor's Review: For years, Filetti di Baccalà has been serving just that -- battered, deep-fried fillets of salt cod -- and not much else. You'll find no-frills starters such as bruschette al pomodoro (garlic-rubbed toast topped with fresh tomatoes and olive oil), sautéed zucchini, and, in winter months, the cod is served alongside puntarelle, chicory stems topped with a delicious anchovy-garlic-lemon vinaigrette. The location, down the street from Campo de' Fiori in a little piazza in front of the beautiful Santa Barbara church, begs you to eat at one of the outdoor tables, weather permitting. Long operating hours allow those still on U.S. time to eat as early (how gauche!) as 6 PM.

  • La Carbonara Campo De Fiori, 23Telephone: +39 06.6864783 Exactly under Giordano Bruno's eyes! Traditional Roman. Inexpensive.
    • From the web site: Unlikely from what one could imagine, the restaurant's name does not derive from the famous Roman meal, even if penne alla Carbonara (pasta cooked alla Carbonara) is one of its most typical specialities. The restaurant's name is due to the fact that Mrs. Andreina Salomone's father, the restaurant's mainstay, at the beginning of last century had in the same neighbourhood a shop where he used to sell coal. One day he decided to open, close to its shop, an inn called Il Carbonaro (The Coal-seller). When Andreina began managing the inn and then, when she married, decided to move to Campo de' Fiori square, fairly changed the inn's name in La Carbonara, anyway, without changing traditions, family habits and meals, like carbonara and amatriciana, abbacchio scottadito, trippa, coda alla vaccinara, animelle, fritto misto, torta di ricotta and torta di mele.

  • Ristorante Pierluigi a Roma, dal 1938. Piazza De Ricci, 144Telephone: +39 06 686 8717 A few meters away from Piazza Farnese and Piazza Campo dei Fiori. Known for antipasto and fish. Moderate.
    • From the web site: On Pierluigi's menu we find selected plates among the best that the Italian cuisine offers, for diversity and lightness, equally distributed between the earth and the sea. To begin with for example the suppressed octopus, the Roman way artichokes, or fresh bufala cheese from the Campania region. To follow, bombolotti with European lobster, tagliolini with zucchini flowers, roast brill with potatoes, and king prawns with wine.

  • Grotte del Teatro Di Pompeo via del Biscione, 73/74Telephone: +39 06 68803686 Around the corner from Campo de Fiori, over the theater where Julius Ceasar met his destiny. A great place. Inexpensive.
    • The web site is in Italian only.
      TravelMuse Review: Just a hop and a skip away from Camp de Fiori, this outstanding restaurant was built on the site of the ancient theatre of Pompey (where Julius Caesar was killed in 44 BCE). In fact it actually incorporates parts of the theatre's structure into its own! The staff will make you feel like family, and you might find yourself over-eating lest your surrogate Italian mother scold you. Broad menu with lots of variety but if you're a fish enthusiast this locale is especially for you! —Aubrie Talarico

  • Ditirambo Cucina Italiana Piazza della Cancelleria, 74Telephone: +39 06 6871626 Very popular and friendly place close to Campo de Firori (about a block north). Delicious homemade pasta to include vegetarian dishes, and regional Italian specialties. High side of moderate.
    • From the web site: To Campo de Fiori in the heart of Rome a delightful restaurant which offers a tasty Italian cuisine, with a good cellar. The restaurant Ditirambo born from experience completely different; Dado, Thu member of a Roman enoteca note the Cavour 313, Beatrice antiquarian and Luke, active in the field of marketing. The restaurant, cozy, was restored respecting its old structure with beamed ceiling and its old stone arch bearing a vista.Appena entered is a flag of peace (with autograph of the poet Patti Smith) and a simple, caldo.Nel but respect for tradition.

  • Rist'Oria via Beniamino Franklin, 9 (approximately a block north and a couple blocks east of Ponte Testaccio) Nearby in Testaccio are many nightclubs. New place, very creative menu that is mostly organic products. Excellent. Moderate.
    • Yahoo Travel Review: This restaurant is located in the busiest and best-loved district in Rome and is a traditional haunt of celebrities. The cooking is typically Italian with a dash of innovation. The Piedmontese 'agnolotti' with handmade pastry are excellent. Then there are typical Tuscan dishes which are also tempting. Wash it down with a bottle from the well-stocked Cantina Banfi and admire the attractive, rustic decor. Property Information by Wcities

  • Myosotis via della Vaccarella, 3/5Telephone: +39 06 6865554 By the Pantheon. Lovely and welcoming. Food and wine to die for. Reasonable prices.
    • Slow Travel Review: I had such a wonderful meal here two years ago, I can close my eyes and still remember the grilled veal sweetbreads, drizzled with olive oil and a few drops of balsamico. They have a great wine list and really nice service, and are in a lively piazza that is great for people-watching, if you choose to sit outside.

  • La Tartaruga via del Monte della FarinaTelephone: +39 06 6869473 (The Turtle) Just off the 8 tram line in Largo Argentina (south of the Pantheon. Intersection of via di T. Argentina & Emanuele II). Great fish, pasta. Reasonable prices.
    • IGoUGo Review: I had dinner two nights in a row at the same restaurant—I've never done that anywhere before. La Tartaruga, via Monte della Farina. That's a small street that starts next to the church of St Andrea della Valle, immediately south of Corso Vittorio Emmanuelle, near the Pantheon/Piazza Navona area. What a great little restaurant! It is family-run, and the same family owns a farm in Tuscany where they produce their own olive oil and wine vinegar. All the food was outstanding on both nights (the second night I went with some new acquaintances) and as simple as it sounds, the mandarine (tangerine) sorbet was to die for. Reasonable prices.
      by travelerstogodotcom from New York, New York

  • Quinzi e Gabrieli via delle Coppelle 6Telephone: +39 06 6879389 Reservations essential. A couple of streets north of the Piazza della Rotunda where the Pantheon is. This is a Michelin-starred restaurant reputed to be the best seafood restaurant in Rome and possibly all of Italy. Spaghetti with lobster is exquisite, as is the sea bass, shrimp, etc. Very expensive, but exquisite quality and service.
    • From the web site: Alberto and Enrico, that is Quinzi and Gabrieli, have been together all their lives, apart from their friendship born a long time ago. They come from the town of Amatrice and as youths came to the capital Rome where they worked hard, learning all the secrets of the profession. Their philosophy is, and has always been, the enhancement of the products of our territory and the excellent fish from our seas. Hence few ingredients, but of good quality, which exalt the fragrance of the seas. The cuisine philosophy is directed towards respecting and above all exalting the taste of exquisitely freshly caught fish. The typical ingredients of the Mediterranean cuisine are used which may range from olive oil made from 'Taggiasche' olives, to lemons from Amalfi, onions from Tropea and above all fish from our seas ranging from Sicilian tuna fish to Sardinian lobsters. The fish is cooked as little as possible and always to enhance its flavour without penalising its taste. All food is cooked in our own kitchens in front of our clients—straight from the fish tanks to the Chef's pots.
    • Food & Wine Review: One of the most delicious aspects of Italian cooking is an expertly prepared Mediterranean seafood meal, and this is the best place in Rome to have one. You'll close your eyes and thank King Neptune over and over as each enormous, exquisite plate appears, such as the sauté di vongole antipasto, where each little bivalve marries perfectly with its garlicky broth, or the moscardini and baby tomato pasta, which includes as many miniature octopi as there are penne, and both are cooked to the same al dente perfection. Attentive and discreet service hits perfect levels of approachability and formality, and your fellow diners may well include Hollywood stars such as Cameron Diaz and Susan Sarandon, as well as high-profile politicians. And if that isn't enough, expect an especially sophisticated setting—Quinzi e Gabrieli enlisted the Academy of Fine Arts to help decorate. The three rooms have hand-painted murals, based on methods used in the 18th century; each room has a different subject: "Sunrise at Portofino," "Sunset at Capri," "Night-time at Elba."
      Insider Tip: A la carte prices are daunting here, but the lunchtime prix fixe menus are more reasonable and include a welcome Prosecco, a glass of wine, and for dessert: a glass of Vin Santo and a gluttonous procession of gelato, bonbons, biscotti, and fresh fruit.

  • Trattoria Da Vito via delle Colonnelle One block north of the Pantheon. The street is really a small alley that runs parallel to the Pantheon. Look for the green neon Trattoria sign. Small inside and a few tables outside. Grandma cooks in the kitchen. Outstanding home cooking of high quality. Fixed price menu available and are of terrific value. The saltambocca Romana (veal with prosciutto) is excellent.

  • Tre Scalini (Three Steps) Centro Storico, 30-35, Piazza NavonaTelephone: +39 06 6879148 An incredible taste sensation.
    • From the web site: The unique romantic atmosphere where tradition of Roman cuisine meets the fine taste of fresh fish with a selection of meats leaving an unforgettable memory of Rome.

  • Big Apple via Tor Millina 27 Two blocks west of Piazza Navona. Best lasagna the poster had ever eaten. Lasagna was 8,000 lira, delectable plum cheesecake was 10,000 and coffee was 3,000. GOOD!

  • La Campana Vicolo della Campana 18Telephone: +39 06 6867820 A quarter mile (400 meters) northeast of Piazza Navona, near the river. Traditional Roman cuisine. One of the oldest restaurants in the heart of Rome. Delicious food. Inexpensive to moderate.
    • From the web site: The most ancient restaurant in the capital. A few steps from the splendid frame of Piazza Navona and from the Pantheon, La Campana is the ideal destination for the lovers of the good cooking and the walks to discovery of historical-artistic beauties offered by the capital.

  • Trattoria Nonna Romana Piazza Navonna In (or near?) Piazza Navonna. If you watch the Food Channel, this is one of Molto Mario's favorites in Rome.

  • Hostoria Romana Piazza BarberiniTelephone: +39 06 483511 Near Piazza Barberini.
    • VirtualTourist Review: Completely unpretentious, and highly authentic, this simple yet exquisite trattoria is a Roman gem. It is located in a narrow side street a short walk from Piazza Barberini (at the bottom of Via Veneto) hidden from heavy traffic. Although some tourists seem to have known about, Italians also dine here, as it serves authentic and delicious traditional Roman cuisine at very reasonable prices. The antipasti are heavenly and the pasta perfectly prepared. I so want to return here again and again!

  • Montevecchio Piazza di Montevecchio, 22aTelephone: +39 06 6861319 Great atmosphere with traditional Roman dishes, as well as fresh seasonal dishes. Moderate.
    • Review: In downtown Rome, just a short walk away from Piazza Navona and via de' Coronari, strolling down the old cobblestone alleys between ancient wooden ceilinged and frescoed buildings and squinting your eyes against the setting sun, you will discover the Montevecchio restaurant, where you will be received with elegance and friendliness. Start your oenogastronomical journey in the terraced dining room of this simple but stylish restaurant, housed in a 15th century building and set on a picturesque square. The owner, Mrs Anna Maria Tozzi, will let you discover many delicacies, unique fragrances, prime meats, fish from the catch of the day, and home made sweets. The Neapolitan chef, with his Mediterranean creativity, will take you to the colourful world of sun baked Southern Italy.

  • Al Gran Sasso via di Ripetta, 32Telephone: +39 06 3214883 Two or three blocks south of Piazza Popolo. Typical Roman dishes, all great, and cooked by Momma in her blue apron and slippers. Leave room for the homemade apple pie. Inexpensive.
    • The web site is in Italian only. There is a button for English, but it doesn't work.
      Review from Europe on a Plate from The Age: The famous Rosati in Piazza del Popolo is now full of rude waiters and bad coffee, and dal Bolognese next door is extremely good but extremely expensive. So take a slow walk from the piazza along Via di Ripetta to the modest little Trattoria Al Gran Sasso. Whatever food is shown in the window is what you should be eating, whether it is fresh razor clams, porcini mushrooms or gleaming sea bass. Mimma Persi and her husband, Ugo, came from the Abruzzo to open Trattoria Al Gran Sasso 36 years ago. These days she has a little help with the cooking, while sons Giuseppe and Andrea tend the floor.
      At lunch you sit in the modestly muralled dining room surrounded by noisy local teachers and shopkeepers wolfing down pasta alla matriciana and pasta e ceci (thick pasta and chickpea soup). On fish days (Tuesday and Saturday), order mussels sauteed in white wine that taste sweetly of the sea. A fritto misto of fried calamari and prawns is very nearly as good, while a huge pile of spaghetti monte e mare with guanciale (pork cheek) and clams puts a whole new spin on surf-and-turf. Finish on Mimma's famous apple cake, and pay a bill so small you will feel silly. No, you won't. You will just feel very well-fed, and not a little smug.

  • Alfredo A Via Gabi Address: via Amiterno Gabi 36, 00183 romeTelephone: +39 06 77206792 A few blocks west of the Piazza dei Re di Roma. Closed Tuesdays and all of August. Traditional Roman. Inexpensive
    • Review from TripVinz (translated by I furnish of period years '50; excellent Roman (pasta and chickpeas to the padellotto; pine nuts endive toasted bread uvetta; pasta and bean with shellfish).

  • Ristorante al Cardello via del Cardello, 1Telephone: +39 06 4745259 About 300 meters north of the Colosseum near the corner of Cavour and Cardello. Very small and family style. Great food. Wonderful. Reasonable prices.
    • Review from IGoUGo: When searching for a restaurant to eat lunch in the vicinity of the Colosseum, we almost accidentally stumble down the steps into the Ristorante Al Cardello. This small but renowned restaurant can seat perhaps up to 20 people. Since it is a Monday and off season, we find ourselves the only guests. The restaurant staff speaks a few words of English, and we can barely manage a few words of Italian. So we let them decide what we should eat.
      A few minutes later the proprietess comes along with a plate filled with tasty marinated vegetables, like cooked onions, potatoes, mushrooms and peppers. When we are finished with the antipasti, the cook himself, an older man with a stained apron (conforming to the typical "Italian Papa" image), comes to inform us that the next course should be fettuccini. He promises us: "Fettucini, nice". We agree to the pasta and are served shortly with a plate filled with fettuccini, sauce and Parmesan cheese.
      We finish the meal with the main course, chicken. Not used to such a big lunch, we decide to skip dessert and have a cappucino instead.

  • Otello via della Croce, 81Telephone: +39 06 6791178 A little bit north then turn west from the Piazza di Spagna. Dine in an enclosed garden under the grape vines or inside. Locals love the place. Fried artichokes, delicious baked chicken, large menu. Moderate.
    • The web site is in Italian only.
      Review from Frommer's: On a side street amid the glamorous boutiques near the northern edge of the Spanish Steps lies one of Rome's most consistently reliable restaurants. A stone corridor from the street leads into the dignified Palazzo Povero. Choose a table in the arbor-covered courtyard or the cramped but convivial dining rooms. Displays of Italian bounty decorate the interior. The spaghetti alle vongole veraci (with clams) is excellent, as are Roman-style saltimbocca (veal with ham), abbacchio arrosto (roast lamb), eggplant parmigiana, a selection of grilled or sautéed fish dishes (including swordfish), and several preparations of veal.

  • Ristorante Birreria Viennese via della Croce, 20/21 It is across the street and up a little from the Otello. This place has excellent pasta, but also has a variety of dishes, to include some Austrian/German style foods. Inside seating only, to include a nice upstairs area (a couple tables outside are for drinks only).
    • Review from My Travel Guide: Opened in 1939 by a family originally from Graz, this trattoria offers delicacies from the Central European region that once belonged to the Austro-Hungarian empire. The majority of the dishes on the menu are available throughout the day. The Austrian Spatzle, Hungarian Goulash, Gnocco in Tyrolean broth, the Transylvania wooden platter which comprises barbecued meat, vegetables, fried potatoes, frankfurters and bacon are very tasty. The Strudel and Sacher Torte desserts are delicious. Beers and wines from the Tyrol and Alto Adige are also very good. It is advisable to book for evening meals.

  • Luna Piena via Luca della Robbia, 15Telephone: +39 06 5750279 About three-fourths mile north east of Hotel Beverly Hills, off of via Salaria. A delightful place, with a varied Roman menu. Inexpensive.
    • Review from Yahoo Travel: Situated in the heart of Testaccio, this traditional Roman restaurant serves first-course dishes such as mashed broad beans with chicory, homemade potato dumplings, and ravioli with different types of filling depending on the season. Second courses may include turkey with chestnuts and olives, straccetti with artichokes, stuffed rabbit and many more. The cakes are delicious, especially the orange cake with forest fruit. Coffee is prepared with traditional moka and is served with traditional biscuits. It is possible to eat outside and the staff are friendly.

  • Piccolo Arancio Vicolo Scanderbeg, 112Telephone: +39 06 6786139 A block east of the Trevi Fountain, on a very small street. It is charming, down a very narrow alley. You really have to look for the street, as it is little more than a footpath just big enough for a small car to traverse. Charming trattoria with "Rome" written all over it. Try the pasta with eggplant, but all is good. Inexpensive.
    • Review from Yahoo Travel: The restaurant is not far from the Fontana di Travi in an almost hidden alleyway that is well-sheltered. Unfortunately it is hard to find parking in the area. The restaurant is pleasant with an excellent location and is professionally run. You can come in for post theatre dining on request. There are plenty of regulars who come here for the excellent Fritters, the Ossobuco and the Abbacchio and on holy fish-eating days, Tuesdays and Fridays, there is a predominance of seafood. There are some special dishes such as the Farfalle with Courgettes and Curry. Round it all off with delicious dessert like the lemon mousse.

  • Trattoria della Stampa via dei Maronitiv 32Telephone: +39 06 6789919 A block off via del Tritone, and a couple blocks northeast of the Trevi Fountain, on a small street. (This small street intersects via Della Panetteria and runs parallel to Tritone). Unassuming spot, with savory Roman dishes from Italian grandmothers. Great pastas. Locals galore. Open for LUNCH only. Inexpensive.
    • Review from Yubuk (translated by
      (There is an English version, but it had no review.)
      To little steps from the seat of the Messenger of road of the Triton it rises this restaurant to familiar management, small, (therefore the reservation is advised) and with a not very varied menu, but quite realized and done with genuine ingredients. Antipasto of toasted breads, pork and cheeses, first like risotto to the pig mushrooms or fettuccini to the juice, seconds of meat (pizzaiola and I roast of calf with potatoes). Between the sweets a mousse to the made chocolate at home.

  • Ristorante Crisciotti al Boschetta via del Boschetta, 30Telephone: +39 06 6789919 Off via Nazionale, near the train station. Eat in the garden. Local fish, fettuccini with artichokes, not too touristy.

  • Ristorante Target via Tornino, 33Telephone: +39 06 4740066 Not far from the Termini. Great pizza and pasta dishes.
    • From the web site: Target Restaurant is located in downtown Rome, close to Termini Central Station, to the Opera House and the most important historical and artistic sites such as Via Veneto or the Trevi Fountain. Target proposes an atmosphere of class with ethnic colors and chic details, gourmets and lovers of the goodness gastronomic are welcome. In our Menu you will find tasty and original dishes. Target Restaurant counts more than 205 seats on two floors and it's the perfect spot for your next business gathering, a romantic dinner or a meal with your family. Live music prolongs in plesant way your evening on weekends.

  • Trattoria L. Leioni d'Abruzzo via Vicenza, 44 Four blocks north east of the Termini. Great dinners and reasonable.
    • Review from Trip Advisor: We ate here our first night in Rome when an almighty rainstorm had broken out. This place was close to our hotel and didn't have pushy staff waiting outside. We had a very nice meal of brushcetta and risotto with white wine which didn't cost us only 20 euro each. It was a good restaurant but definitely not the best we ate in while in Rome. However, it was close to our hotel, cheap and tasty so we were happy with our meal there. — mirax

  • Agata e Romeo via Carlo Alberto, 45Telephone: +39 06 4466115 Behind Santa Maria Maggiore, and between Termini and the Coliseum. Reservations essential. Very elegant and impeccable restaurant, family run. Specialty in traditional Roman and southern Italian cuisine. Only the best ingredients are used. For desert, try the millefoglie oozing with almonds and cream. Expensive.
    • From the web site: How appetizer the house offers good warm pizza bread and full salty cakes of vegetable and ricotta, among the first numerous dishes of the Roman tradition as pasta and broccolis in broth of arzilla (razza) and bucatini all'matriciana...
      They appear to have a small menu, large wine list and also offer cooking classes.

  • Da Otello via della Pelliccia, 47Telephone: +39 06 5896848 In the Trastevere section of Rome. Exquisite pasta.

  • Vecchia Roma via della Tribuna di Campitelli, 16Telephone: +39 06 6864604 Very beautiful setting and affordable. Inside is breathtaking, and also a beautiful patio. Signature dish is fish with a red tomato sauce that is unbelievable.
    • From the web site: Piazza Campitelli, near the Campidoglio (The Capitoline Hill) is a square where you can really feel the atmosphere of ancient times. Its buildings are situated all around the scenographic facade of the Santa Maria Church. The Restaurant is situated in an elegant building who was projected by Vincenzo della Greca and Filippo Raguzzini. Since 1870 the restaurant, owned by the Palladino brothers, has been famous for its delicateness and sophistication. Giuseppe and Tonino Palladino are glad to provide their clients with the results of their gastronomic research, which deals with their personal taste but is also careful to the different kinds of product the seasons offer.

  • Il Duca Vicolo del cinque, 52/56Telephone: +39 06 5817706 Around the corner from Piazza Santo Egido and behind Piazza Santa Maria in the Trastevere area. Excellent lasagna and spaghetti.
    • Review from Woody's Restaurant Lists: This is one of Audrey's favorite places in Trestevere. It is right down from Il Ciak. They have the wonderful thin crust pizzas and a well priced menu of pastas. It is casual and welcoming for airline crews so mention you are crew. The interior looks very nice and inviting but we chose to eat outside on a lovely summer evening. They use salt liberally but I love salt. I had the pasta primavera. We shared grilled artichokes. For a big group or a casual bite stop here.

  • Galeassi Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere, 3Telephone: +39 06 5803775 Delicious. Known for seafood. Tiramisu is exceptional for dessert. Moderate
    • Review from RestaurantOMH: Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere is another of those magic places where you can watch daily life Roman-style, despite the tourists in this picturesque quarter. The menu includes some classic Roman dishes. As antipasta, carciofi Romanesca, for example — small whole artichokes perfectly cooked in wine and herbs (€5), though our Roman friend might sniff that there wasn't much mentuccia in evidence. A misunderstanding brought asparagi con burro instead of the expected carpaccio di pesce spada, but it was a very happy accident. The asparagus was young, fresh and delicious — a real treat and an absolute bargain at €5. Our secondi di carne (€12) each came garnished with a portion of funghi porcini — a nice gesture, though the texture was a little uneven. My scallopine al limone was good — tender veal, very tart lemon — as was saltimbocca alla Romana. — Helen Wright, 2/2004

  • Checco er Carrettierevia Benedetta, 10/13Telephone: +39 06 5800985 A couple blocks southwest from Ponte Sisto. Traditional, with dining in a garden. Moderate to expensive.
    • The web site is in Italian only.
      From the web site, translated by In the splendid frame of Trastevere, one of the most attractive districts and characteristics of the Rome ancient, is distinguished Checco er Carettiere, a restaurant where tradition and culture of the food unite themselves in a be disgusted and family environment. In the local of the restaurant, it shine through the experience of three generations that you have handed down those culinary speciality that be able to find and to enjoy in the dishes served. A definite kitchen "poor" but full of tastes, that in the Papal period fed whole families of the more popular than classes came characterized from the so-called one "fifth fourth", being equivalent to it some parts except for fine of the animal, like interiora, tripe, paiata, tail...

  • Ristorante Asinocotto via dei Vascellari, 48Telephone: +39 06 5898985 A block or so southwest of Ponte Palatino. Reservations needed. A small cozy place with dishes such as handmade eggplant ravioli and veal sirloin au gratin. Creative dishes. Excellent. A place where locals go. Reasonable prices.
    • Frommer's Review: Within a pair of cramped dining rooms (one on street level, the other upstairs), you'll be served by a cheerful staff that's well practiced in hauling steaming platters of food up the steep flight of stairs. The simple white-painted walls accented by dark timbers and panels are a nice background to the flavorful dishes that stream from the busy kitchens of Giuliano Brenna. The menu is fairly sophisticated, thanks to the owner's stint as a chef at the Hotel Eden, one of Rome's more upscale hotels. Look for elaborate antipasti such as quail and watercress in a "Parmesan basket," or marinated salmon with fresh cucumbers and pistachio nuts. You might follow with handmade ravioli filled with sea bass, lettuce, and a sauvignon sauce, or a zesty oxtail soup with artichoke hearts au gratin. Other imaginative dishes that enthralled us were duck roasted with five spices and served in a maple syrup sauce, and the baked grouper with a shellfish-laced leek sauce flavored with fresh rosemary. The restaurant's name, incidentally, translates as "cooked donkey meat," but don't look for that on the menu anytime soon.

  • Il Calibri pizzaria via Farmagosta at via Leone IV Near the Vatican. Gorgonzola ravioli, fried squash blossoms.

  • Hostaria dei Bastioni via Leone IV, 29 Great mussels and pasta.
    • Frommer's Review: This simple but well-managed restaurant is about a minute's walk from the entrance to the Vatican Museums. Although a warm-weather terrace doubles the size during summer, many diners prefer the inside room as an escape from the roaring traffic. The menu features the staples of Rome's culinary repertoire, including fisherman's risotto (a broth-simmered rice dish studded with fresh fish, usually shellfish), a vegetarian fettuccine alla bastione with orange-flavored creamy tomato sauce, an array of grilled fresh fish, and cutlets of tender beef with mushrooms. The food is first-rate — and a real bargain at these prices.

  • Prestige Café via Lucrezio Caro, 16 On the Vatican side of the river (several blocks from the Vatican), but just a couple blocks from the river, & a few blocks from Ponte Margherita. Waiters nice and food great. VERY reasonable.
    • Review from Rick Steves' Europe: Took a trip to Italy in April. Had a great time. Wonderful restaurant in Rome — Prestige Café, Via Lucrezio Caro 16. Waiters were very nice and food was great. $36.00 for 5 people with everything. — Tammy

  • Ristorante Pizzeria Grotta Azzurra via Cicerone, 62/ATelephone: +39 06 3234586 Quartiere Prati. Across from Hotel Isa and Hotel Cicerone (on the Vatican side of the river, and north of Ponte Umberto, not far from Piazza Cavour). Small family run. Tour groups are put in the back grotto, and locals in the front. Extensive and seasonal menu. Excellent! Moderate.
    • The web site is in Italian only.
      From the web site, translated by In the district Meadows, near Castel S. Angelo and to little steps from the town of the Vatican, the tradition bell and particularly that cilentana alive lieutenant comes thanks to the brothers Pietro and Giovanni Cammarano in their characteristic restaurant "Blue Cave". Here than for a long time years satisfy the palates of their customer base now become international, and therefore more demanding and adulterated. The familiar management welcomes yourselves in a simple environment, but refined, instigator to the sailor's landscape of the island of billy Goats. The efficiency and the liking of the personal one will put yourselves to your comfort and will do the possible one to give back your permanence to the "Blue Cave" an evening to remember.

  • Colline Emiliane via degli Avignonesi, 22Telephone: +39 06 4817538 Near Piazza Barberini at the south end of via Veneto. Excellent food at reasonable (but NOT cheap) prices. A place where locals go but few tourists have found it. A place for food lovers.
    • Review from 10Best: This is a small, family-run restaurant featuring Emiliana-Romagna cuisine. The inviting atmosphere and friendly service is a nice respite from the bustling streets of Rome. Menu selections offer a wide variety of dishes with homemade pastas. Tortellini in brodo (tortellini in broth) and ravioli di zucca (pumpkin ravioli) are the house specialties. Reservations recommended. METRO: Barberini

  • Il Piccolo Mondo Osteria Romana via Aurora, 39Telephone: +39 06 42016034 Just off the Via Veneto up near the U.S. Embassy. Start out with mozzarella balls in cream sauce.
    • From the web site: Restaurant placed in the heart of Rome since 1954. It became famous in the 60's for its international movie star guests. Today, all renovated, offers a Mediterranean innovative cuisine made of excellent quality products.

  • Paris Piazza San Callisto, 7/aTelephone: +39 06 5815378 Moderate to Expensive
    • Review from The Paris restaurant is situated in the heart of Trastevere in a 1600 century building, located just a few steps from the famous Santa Maria in Trastevere square. The three dining rooms have characteristic wooden ceilings and a classical but informal setting. The menu offers traditional Italian cuisine and a good selection of fish, but the specialities of the house are typical Roman dishes. On the wine list you will find a selection of more than 300 labels and if you desire you can visit the wine cellar. In summertime it is possible to lunch or dine on the terrace and appreciate the cosy atmosphere of this historical and typical part of Rome.

  • Est!Est!Est! (Antica Pizzeria Fratelli Ricci) via Genova, 32Telephone: +39 06 4881107 Intersects with via Nationale several blocks south of Vie Veneto, and west of Termini Station. One of Rome's finest and oldest pizzerias. Very popular with locals. Good pasta, and great calzoni. Inexpensive.
    • Review from 10Best: Named after a wine, this is one of Rome's most traditional pizzerias with an alluring if rather faded art nouveau interior. Family owned and operated, the restaurant has been serving thick-crusted pizza cooked in a pan (unique in Rome) since the 1930s. Popular for its calzoni ripieni (stuffed pizza). METRO: Republica; BUS: Via Nazionale.

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