Surfers in Hawaii

Hawai'i, October, 2008

These photos are from a business trip to Hawai'i in October, 2008


I had to fly to Hawai'i for work at a military base on the island of Oahu.

I flew to Honolulu, on the island of Oahu. This is near Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head and Waikiki. My flight left Hartford, CT, USA, at 07:20 am, connected through Chicago and arrived in Hawai'i at 2:17 pm. So, with the time difference, that's about 12 hours or more, not including the time to get to the airport in Hartford! Hawai'i better be worth it!!

When I was in the Marine Corps, I flew from California to Okinawa, which is now part of Japan, but then was a US possession. On that flight, we stopped in Hawai'i. We were allowed to get off the plane, but we couldn't leave the airport. We had about an hour in the airport, and that is the only other time I have been in Hawai'i.


So far, Hawai'i seems very nice. The weather when I arrived was beautiful, in the 80's with a nice breeze. The time is six hours behind the east coast so that will take some getting used to. I went to bed at 8:00 pm (which to me was 2:00 am)and I woke up at 02:30 am (8:30 am east coast time.)

Here is a view from my room -- I didn't get an ocean view room...

Hawaii Oahu

And here's a view from the other side of the hotel...

Hawaii Oahu


Today (Friday, October 3, 2008) I put in a good day's work, and then the customer (a guy from New Jersey who has been living in Hawai'i for several years) took us on a drive showing us how to miss some of the heavy traffic here on Oahu to get back to our hotel. This drive took us through the mountains (and through a tunnel) and through some beautiful scenery. Then we drove along the south eastern portion of the island along the coast. Hawai'i sure is a beautiful place! After having a couple of drinks at his favorite bar, he took us to one of his favorite surfing spots. We had a great view of the sun setting behind Diamond Head and some beautiful waves breaking on the rocks. And through all of this, I didn't have my camera with me!!!!!


Today (Saturday, October 4, 2008) was a long day at work, so I didn't get to see anything of Hawai'i.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better. We'll see.


Well, today (Sunday, October 5, 2008) didn't work out any better than yesterday. We worked all day to get through some problems.

So far the most I've seen of Hawai'i is the little we saw on Friday and a couple of good restaurants. (And one not so good.) But tomorrow I should have some time to get some photos.


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