Lincoln Law Office

Springfield, Illinois, January 14, 2006

Abraham Lincoln's Home

Springfield, IL

Springfield, IL

Abraham Lincoln's Tomb

Springfield, IL

Springfield, IL

Springfield Cemetery

Springfield, IL The vault where Lincoln's casket was held when it first came back to Springfield.

Springfield, IL Civil War Memorial

This is a Civil War memorial, with GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) inscribed along with the dates of the war, 1861-1865

Downtown Springfield

Springfield, IL The only remaining law office where Abe Lincoln practiced law while he was in Springfield.

Springfield, IL The Old State Capital, where Lincoln argued cases, and also spent some time as a state representative.

New Salem, IL, where Lincoln lived soon after he moved to Illinois.

Springfield, IL This is the only original building, the cooper.

Springfield, IL Here is the re-creation of the mill. Most of the buildings here are re-creations based on drawings and maps.

Downtown Springfield

Springfield, IL What are seagulls doing in Illinois?

Springfield, IL This big guy was getting a bit close.

Dana-Thomas House State Historic Site

Springfield, IL Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, built 1902-1904

Springfield, IL

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